It is mandatory that the present general conditions of sale are given or mailed to every customer before he places an order. This order means that the buyer entirely accepts those conditions without any reservation, to the exclusion of any other document issued by the vendor, which have only an information value. The present order form is therefore firm and definitive. Any payment thus made by the customer is expressly considered as a down payment.


The vendor promises to respect the delivery period indicated on the front face of the order form. If the total amount of the order exceeds the threshold fixed by decree, the vendor promises to fulfil the planned delivery or provision on the date noted on the front face considered as the limit date. In this case, if the delivery period or the date of fulfilment of the promised provision of service exceeds 7 days, the customer may require the cancellation of his order by means of a registered letter with confirmation of receipt, provided he does so within 60 working days after the date of delivery or of provision of service indicated. The amounts thus paid as down payments will then be returned, without doubling, and with the possible enforcement of the dispositions of the law of December 5, 1951. The above conditions are not applicable in case of absolute necessity. The customer is also bound by the delivery date. If the buyer postpones the delivery date after the goods have been put at his disposal, the said goods will be considered as delivered on the date they were put at his disposal, which may entail financing in case of sale on credit.


No total or part cancellation of a firm order can be accepted except by written agreement of the vendor.


It is expressly agreed that the transfer of ownership of the ordered goods becomes effective on their leaving our stores or workshops. The buyer thus accepts all risks, especially those relating to transport, with this exception where the transport is executed by the vendor or one of his agents. The buyer is responsible, if necessary, to make the usual reservations before accepting the delivery. With no special instructions from the buyer as concerns the shipment, the vendor is free to execute the transport in the best possible conditions without incurring any responsibility. In case it is impossible to bring the ordered goods within the buyer’s residence because that place is cramped or its approaches inadequate, the vendor cannot be held responsible except if he has expressly been informed at the time of order.


The payment is made in the conditions provided on the order. All purchases are payable with the order, in cash and without discount. In case of part payment with order, the balance of the invoice is to be paid to the deliveryman or on collection of the goods. In case of payment in three instalments, the non-payment of only one of the planned instalments entails immediate due of all the remaining sums owed by the buyer 8 days after the mailing of a formal notice to pay by registered letter with confirmation of receipt. In addition, the vendor may invoice the buyer the bank charges and agios he might have supported due to the postponement of instalment.


On delivery, the buyer must check the goods. Any reservation he plans to express on the conditions of the delivered goods must be noted on the delivery form (non-conformity of the goods delivered with those ordered, manufacturing defect, damage in transport, etc.) If such provisions are not noted on the delivery form, no complaint will be received after delivery of the goods, except for hidden defects.


In accordance with the provisions of articles 1641 and following ones of the Civil Code, the vendor guarantees, in any case, all detrimental consequences of defects, hidden or not, that the sold goods might reveal, under the condition that such defects are reported as soon as they appear. Any aesthetic or functional deterioration resulting from defects that would appear with use and that the buyer would not have been aware of on delivery is covered by the guarantee, without restriction or reservation. On the other hand the guarantee does not apply for any deterioration resulting from wear or causes foreign to the intrinsic qualities of the goods, such as those resulting from misuse (excessive charge, humidity or heating, etc.) or due to the buyer (transport, handling, assembly, when those have been executed by the buyer or another person, etc.). In any case, the buyer will have to prove that the hidden defect existed on the day of delivery. In case of an immobilization of the guaranteed goods in excess of at least 7 days, the time of immobilization will be added to the duration of the guarantee initially planned.
With all returned parts, you are required to include the most precise description possible of the problem you met. Products are imperatively to be returned in their original packaging. If not, the guarantee will not apply. If a breakdown is not acknowledged by our technician, it might be invoiced for labour costs according to half-hour lump sum.


No goods can be returned to the vendor without his express agreement and redirection instructions.